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How many times have you tried to search the Internet to find out information on scuba shops, resorts, liveaboards, or charters for a particular location that you are interested in visiting? As you know, this can be a very frustrating process! Using the search engines to try and get a list of all of the dive companies for your destination usually results in your finding a handful of companies when you know that there must be a whole bunch more that simply don't have a top ranking in the search engines. You end up buying a dive package through one of these companies only to find out as soon as you arrive that there are tons of other companies in the same location - many of them offering a better deal!

After all, the resorts that are making all the money (and are often the most expensive) are the ones that can afford to make their web site highly visible to you!

Well, things have changed!

Now there's only one stop you need to make online to get a complete listing of all of the dive operators for any area in the entire world. We do not require these companies to pay to be listed in our database (unlike other scuba directories) - those that are small and offer affordable dive packages get listed right next to the huge, global dive operations. Most importantly - you don't have to worry about what you're missing. We are constantly working to keep our database current so you can feel confident in knowing about every single dive business at your destination.

We provide links to any and all scuba companies that have a web site for free. Again - we do this at no cost to these companies to "level the playing field" for all of these competing businesses. Ultimately it is you, the consumer, who benefits since you are able to compare your dive options side by side!

We strive to provide a win-win situation for everyone. Visitors to our web site are given access to the largest, most complete scuba diving directory in the whole world. We offer a wide range of scuba-related features and links to further enhance their experience. This results in an extreamely high rate of traffic. Business owners are able to gain high visiblilty and exposure to the exact market they are looking to reach.

We are constantly improving and adding to this web site, so make sure you stop back often. We have a lot of incredible additions that will appear in the near future.